Calamari-M Installation Tutorial
(Please read through this tutorial thoroughly, and follow STEP-BY-STEP! It provides all the downloads and everything you need, just follow along! You can do this!)
Username and Password for the Trial:
Username: trial
Passworrd: trial

First things first..
Thank you for using Calamari-M! You will use this tutorial to install AND update your version of Calamari-M.

Please make sure you are running macOs El Capitan or higher, on an ADMINISTRATOR account. Otherwise, you will not be able to attach Calamari!

Step One - Create a folder for Calamari
To get started, locate your Documents folder under your account. Then, created a folder there titled "CalamariApps" (if it already exists, move it to the trash). The folder name should NOT include any spaces, and must be located in the Documents folder on your computer.

Step Two - Download Calamari-M files
Now that you have the folder, you will need to download the latest version of Calamari. You can download them by clicking the attachments below.

Step Three - Extract files
Once both zip files are downloaded, extract them (NOTE: depending on your browser, they may be automatically extracted.) To do this, simply open the zip files, and their contents will automatically be copied onto the disk.

You should have a folder called "Dependencies" and an Application called "Calamari-M"

Step Four - Put the extracted files in the CalamariApps folder
Now that you have everything extracted, simply move "Calamari-M" to CalamariApps, and the contents of "Dependencies" into CalamariApps. Using the List view might help coordinate your mouse movements.

(Note: Take your time! Going too fast may throw you off track.)

In the end, your CalamariApps folder should look like this:

Step Five - Run Calamari-M
Now that you have successfully downloaded and installed Calamari-M, it's time to run it. To do this, you may want to Control + Click the file, and hit open as shown below:

If it doesn't let you open the file from there, you may have to allow it in system preferences.

Once Calamari-M runs, you're alll set to go! Weekly tune-ups will automatically be downloaded to your computer. However, some updates may require you to go through this installation again.

If you have any other questions or concerns, or just need general help with the software, you can visit or email us directly at [email protected]